The art of holistic wellness

Holistic wellness has been practiced in Sri Lanka for thousands of years. Fortunate to be blessed with abundant lush vegetation, ancient physicians used the land for the benefit of the people. Studying thousands of indigenous plants, the ayurvedic art was perfected and is an increasingly sought-after form of treatment for many ailments, complementing its western counterparts.

In Sanskrit, ‘Ayurveda’ means the ‘Science of Life’ and, as defined, it focuses on your overall wellbeing. To understand its benefits, it is important to understand its philosophy.

The study of ayurveda believes that all things are comprised of five elements – air, space, water, fire and earth. Combinations of these elements form the three types of energies known as doshas – vata, pitta and kapha – that are present in each person, with one dosha generally being more dominant. For a balanced, healthy life, your doshas need to be balanced too. To do so, ayurvedic treatments heal your body, using a combination of massage therapies, dietary changes, yoga and meditation, along with herbal remedies.

Ayurvedic massages incorporate the age-old principles of ayurveda, with pressure points.

A distinct feature of an ayurvedic massage is the oil used. With a variety of blends curated for different ailments, these herbal oils are kneaded and stroked into your skin, detoxifying the body.

Your diet also plays an important part in the healing process. Each person’s diet depends on their individual dosha and needs to include a blend of all six tastes identified in ayurveda – a combination of which creates a healing energy palette in your body:

  1. Sweet – Nourishing
  2. Sour – Purifying
  3. Salty – Regulating
  4. Bitter – Detoxifying
  5. Astringent – Anti-inflammatory
  6. Pungent – Stimulating

Two of the more popular ayurvedic arts, yoga and meditation, are practiced to bring calmness to the mind, body and soul. Much like the other remedies, these can be personalized to your own unique dosha, helping you attain that much needed inner peace.

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So much of life is spent putting effort into the things around you, that it’s easy to forget to put effort into yourself. However, it is important to remember that, much like work and family, your mind, body, and soul need attention too.

We encourage you to take a break, and escape into a world of holistic wellness.

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