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In this section you can find interesting insights and interviews with selected experts, covering different aspects of Sapphire Residences and contemporary luxury living at luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

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Home to a diverse community, throughout history Sri Lanka’s rich culture and heritage have been enhanced and shaped by the traditions of different ethnic and religious groups. Read on and be enthralled by the charms of this wonderful island.

Sapphire Residences offers the finest luxury apartments in Sri Lanka Colombo amidst the vibrant culture, rich heritage and wonderful ethos of the city that are so quintessentially Sri Lankan.

Sapphire Residences: #StrongerTogether

Sri Lanka has faced countless battles throughout its history, and its people have risen to meet each challenge. Today is no different. While this pandemic has stopped the world in its tracks and reshaped our lives, the undying determination of every Sri Lankan ensures that the nation’s path to greatness will be undeterred


A LATERAL LIFESTYLE: ELEVATED URBAN LIVING Over the past few years, demand for lateral living has gained popularity in Western countries. The single floor, spacious living allows free movement between rooms which is beneficial to maintain a healthy state of mind, and the trend is believed to have been inspired by the interior designs of […]

Smart homes for smarter living

Smart homes for smarter living A smart home helps you live smarter by making your life safer and more convenient. With smart home technology, you can control your living environment at the touch of a button, save energy, and enhance your home’s security systems. MORE CONVENIENCE MAKES SMARTER LIVING In a smart home, you can […]

How interior design can redefine your lifestyle

How interior design can redefine your lifestyle For most of us, being confined in our own homes has changed the way we use them; reception areas have become home offices, guest rooms have turned into gyms, and rooms we rarely used have found new purpose. Every home has changed in its own way, along with […]

How vertical urban living will shape the future of cities

How vertical urban living will shape the future of cities Imagine an ordinary day in the city – waking up at home, commuting to work, shopping for groceries and meeting friends for dinner – without ever stepping onto the street. The idea of vertical cities imagines a life high above ground-level, in interconnected towers containing […]

10 Things to Know About Sri Lankan Culture

The beautiful of Sri Lanka has a splendid array of charms and attractions that enthral tourists of the world. Indeed, a tour in this glorious country will give locals as well as tourists the chance to discover a myriad of enchanting wonders.



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