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Home to a diverse community, throughout history Sri Lanka’s rich culture and heritage have been enhanced and shaped by the traditions of different ethnic and religious groups. Read on and be enthralled by the charms of this wonderful island.

Sapphire Residences: #StrongerTogether

Sri Lanka has faced countless battles throughout its history, and its people have risen to meet each challenge. Today is no different. While this pandemic has stopped the world in its tracks and reshaped our lives, the undying determination of every Sri Lankan ensures that the nation’s path to greatness will be undeterred

10 Things to Know About Sri Lankan Culture

The beautiful of Sri Lanka has a splendid array of charms and attractions that enthral tourists of the world. Indeed, a tour in this glorious country will give locals as well as tourists the chance to discover a myriad of enchanting wonders.

Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka

With a history spanning back over 2,500 years, Sri Lanka has developed a unique culture and heritage. Today, the country is home to people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds and as harmony increasingly prevails here so does the island’s prosperity.

Historic Places Nearby Sapphire Residences

The excellent location of Sapphire Residences and the neighbouring ITC One hotel will make it an ideal option from which to explore the charms and wonders of the city of Colombo. The article below gives some information about a few of the prominent and popular historical places that you will find nearby.

Landmarks in Colombo

As the bustling capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo boasts of a myriad of appeals and attractions to residents and tourists alike. There are plenty of things to do and see, so a city tour is always quite colourful, with fascinating hidden corners waiting to be discovered. Below are a few of the popular landmarks that you should not miss in the city.

Galle Face Kite Festival

The magnificent city of Colombo truly boasts of a myriad of enchanting appeals and attractions. There are plenty of places to visit here so your travel experience in the city will never be dull. Incredible restaurants, luxury hotels as well as magnificent colonial attractions are all here for you to discover.

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