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Apartment interiors are commissioned designs designed by Yoo Worldwide LLP with celebrity interior designer Phillipe Starck. Any change to the apartment units may infringe WLPL’s rights to the design. Please be advised that no alteration to any apartment (internal or external structural or otherwise) may be carried out without the express consent of WLPL. Use of each apartment will be strictly as per the By-laws and such other documents as may be specified by WLPL and/or the Management Corporation of Sapphire Residences.

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WelcomHotels Lanka (Private) Limited ("WLPL") is a company incorporated under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 under Company Registration No. PV 85567 and having its Registered Office at No. 216, De Saram Place, Colombo 10 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Limited having its registered office at Virginia House, 37, J.L. Nehru Road, P.S. Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata -700071, India with CIN L16005WB1910PLC001985. The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka ("BOI"), P.O. Box 1768, West Towers, Colombo 01, is the absolute owner of the land marked Lot 01 in Preliminary Plan No. CO 9196 dated 4th April 2012 situated in the Village of Fort (Ward No. 21) in the G. N Division of Fort, within the Divisional Secretariat Division of Colombo in the District of Colombo Western Province as depicted in Advanced Tracing No 0/CO 406 authenticated by the Surveyor General by virtue of an Investment of Grant by the President of Sri Lanka under Section 6 of the Crown Lands Ordinance (Chapter 454) for and on behalf of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, dated April 10, 2012. BOI has, under and by virtue of the Lease Agreement No. 314 dated 4th May 2012 attested by S. P. Edirisinghe, Notary Public, Colombo ("Lease Agreement") leased and demised the said Lot 1 situated at premises No. 21, Galle Face Centre Road, Colombo 01 to WLPL for a period of 99 years commencing from the 4th day of May 2012 and ending on the 3rd day of May 2111. Lot 1 is bounded as follows;

  • On the North by:
    Lot 1 in PP. CO 1022 and Army Headquarters Premises.

  • On the East by:
    Army Headquarters Premises

  • On the South by:
    Army Headquarters Premises and Lot 1 in PP. CO 1022.

  • On the West by:
    Lot 1 in PP. CO 1022

and contains in extent Five Acres Three Roods and Nineteen Perches (5A-3R-19P) or 2. 3751 Hectares registered in Volume/Folio A 1195/110 at the Colombo Land Registry.

WLPL has caused the existing boundaries of Lot 1 to be resurveyed and subdivided into two allotments of land depicted as Lot 1A and Lot 1B in Plan No. 13252 dated 3rd May 2018 made by Gamini B. Dodanwela, Licensed Surveyor without any physical divide. WLPL is developing, constructing and/or erecting in two phases, on Lot 1A and Lot 1B a mixed-use complex ("Mixed Used Complex"), which has been approved as a strategic development project under the Strategic Development Act No 14 of 2008. The portion of the Mixed Use Complex standing on Lot 1A will consist of a hotel ("Hotel complex") and the portion of the Mixed Use Complex standing on Lot 1B will qualify to be described as a Condominium Property within the meaning of the Apartment Ownership Law and is hereinafter called and referred to as the "Condominium Complex" or "Sapphire Residences" which shall consist of a number of residential apartments in a single tower of 50 number of floors, common facilities, retail stores, office space and food and beverage outlets. The two towers comprising the Hotel Complex and the Condominium Complex shall be connected by a sky bridge at 19th - 21st level. Lot 1B bounded as follows:

  • On the North by:
    Part of former Premises of Army Headquarters and Lot 1A of the same Plan

  • On the East by:

  • On the South by:
    Road and Premises of Taj Samudra Hotel

  • On the West by:
    Galle Road and Part of former Premises of Army Headquarters

and contains in extent Two Acres Two Roods and Thirty Four decimal One Five Perches (2A-2R-34.15P) or 1.0981 Hectares. WLPL has obtained the approval requisite for the development of the Mixed Use Complex including the Condominium Complex from the Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka as stated in the Development Permits dated 31st January 2017 issued under Ref No. 05/02/HOT(BA)/WP/27/2016 and 3rd January, 2018 issued under Ref No. 03/CO/CMC/BA(20)/104/2017.

WLPL shall have Sapphire Residences declared as a semi-condominium property and / or have a Condominium Plan registered for Sapphire Residences, as applicable, under the Apartment Ownership Law after obtaining the Certificate of Conformity or any other occupation license pertaining thereto from the relevant authorities. Upon registration of the semi condominium declaration, a management corporation shall be created, detailed terms and conditions pertaining to which will be enumerated in the Agreement to Sell and/or other documents.

The maintenance and management of the common facilities of Sapphire Residences along with the spaces of the Condominium Complex earmarked for retail, office and Hotel shall vest with WLPL. The purchaser shall be required to execute any and all documents as and when required by WLPL to transition from the semi condominium property, if so required, to final condominium property and also to provide services in relation to the common facilities and to maintain and manage the abovementioned spaces.

WLPL is entitled to transfer, offer, grant, dispose of and convey the absolute right, title and interest in any residences/ units/ apartments/ condominium constructed by WLPL. Such transfer shall be together with the common amenities including freehold rights to the proportionate undivided share of the Condominium Property in terms of the Apartment Ownership Law, in favour of the purchaser upon WLPL making certain payment to the BOI in accordance with a formula, as consideration for transfer of freehold rights to the proportionate share of Lot 1B by BOI to the ultimate purchaser. If required, in terms of the Lease Agreement, BOI shall also execute the Deed of Transfer for transfer of the proportional undivided share in common elements, including Lot 1B. WLPL shall also be entitled to negotiate the sale of any apartments with any purchaser and WLPL shall be at liberty to enter into agreements(s) to sell with such purchaser, without the BOI being required to be party to the same and on such terms and conditions as may be agreed absolutely between WLPL and the purchaser.