A Decorated Corridor at Sapphire Residences

The ultimate vertical living experience

Living and Dining Area of Sky Mansion

Space to live breathe and express yourself

Sapphire Residences is an exclusive collection of 132 Sky Mansion apartments in Colombo Sri Lanka with 2-5 bedrooms, including 4 penthouses (c.9,000 sq ft) and 2 master penthouses (each c. 19,000 sq ft) crowning the tower. Prices start from US$ 1.4 million.

The generous sizes of every Sky Mansion makes vertical living for an entire family an effortless reality. With an impressive 5,500 sq ft average living area all Sapphire Residences are exquisitely designed, with premium brand fixtures and fittings throughout, including fully equipped kitchens.

Exceptionally high ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows overlook private balconies and terraces, giving uninterrupted panoramic views across the city, lake and ocean, all optimised by the tower’s innovative triangular design.

For live-in domestic help, there are comfortable quarters with a separate service entrance for staff and deliveries, while just outside your front door, elevators provide rapid access to secure private underground parking.

Living and Dining Area of the Penthouses

Life at the top

These penthouses in Sri Lanka offer an exceptional level of elevated accommodation, especially for larger families - or for those who simply desire abundant space to relax, live and entertain.

Spanning over 9,300 sq. ft., each penthouse offers 4 en-suite bedrooms, generous ceiling heights and 180° panoramic views.

Facilities include indoor gardens, private cinema, three function rooms and a private gym complete with sauna and steam room.

Only four of these magnificent, uber-spacious Sky Mansions are available.


Interior design

Philippe Starck is not only the most renowned creator of our time, but also the most versatile. He designs homes, hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film, developing scenarios that lift people out of everyday life and into an imaginative & creative world.

If you are looking for a luxury condominium in Sri Lanka., a choice of four interior options created by YOO Inspired by Starck gives the opportunity to select a theme to suit your individual lifestyles & tastes: Classic, Culture, Minimal and Nature.

Nature Style Bedroom of Sapphire Residences


Sapphire Residences are fitted with a state-of-the-art home automation solution that works interchangeably with voice commands or a unified mobile phone / iPad App, putting you in control of your environment.

Exclusively available to residents, you are able to control the environment inside your Sky Mansion.

  • Lighting and dimming controls
  • Climate - heating and A/C controls for all rooms through app and voice commands
  • Drapes and blinds
  • Personalised mood settings for lights, climate, drapes and AV
  • Door cameras with app-controlled locking and unlocking mechanism
  • TV/AV controls
  • Fire, smoke and gas leak detectors – safety features with a customised alert mechanism
  • Occupancy sensors for bathrooms
  • Panic alarm in bathrooms

The system in these new apartments in Colombo includes hands-free voice control for all of the above features using Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The system may also be integrated with most leading brands of audio-visual equipment that owners may choose to install in their home.

Entertainment Area of Sky Mansion

Audio visual and entertainment

The flexible and highly adaptive technology integrates with all leading audio-visual systems and entertainment solutions brands. Notable features include:

  • Seamless sharing of content across various users and within multiple entertainment zones
  • System compatibility for high definition and ultra-high definition content
  • AV backbone infrastructure compatible with most leading speaker systems and televisions.

An optional fully integrated entertainment solution designed specifically for your Sky Mansion completes the intelligent home experience. This AV and entertainment solution is comparable to best-in-class residential solutions across the world.