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Discover tranquillity, joy and supreme comfort in exquisite spaces that redefine 21st century luxury living. We are proud to define this as ‘The Splendour of Gracious Living’.

Sapphire Residences comprises 132 luxury Sky Mansions & Penthouses, with over 40,000 sq ft of private world-class leisure amenities. The bespoke interiors were designed by YOO inspired by the legendary designer Philippe Starck.

Ideally located at the centre of Galle Face, Sapphire Residences offers residents easy access to Colombo’s leisure and business districts. Combining cutting-edge design with state-of-the-art security and smart home technology, create living spaces to suit your own tastes and you will discover that there truly is no place like home.

We invite you to browse through our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at Sapphire Residences and the vibrant city of Colombo.

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How well do you know Sri Lanka? Learn some interesting facts about the country’s unique culture and heritage through a selection of informative articles.

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Sapphire Residences: #StrongerTogether Sapphire Residences: #StrongerTogether Sri Lanka has faced countless battles throughout its history, and its people have risen to meet each challenge. Today is no different. ...

10 Things to Know About Sri Lankan Culture

The beautiful of Sri Lanka has a splendid array of charms and attractions that enthral tourists of the world. Indeed, a tour in this glorious country will give locals as well as tourists the chance to discover a myriad of enchanting wonders.

Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka

With a history spanning back over 2,500 years, Sri Lanka has developed a unique culture and heritage. Today, the country is home to people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds and as harmony increasingly prevails here so does the island’s prosperity.

Historic Places Nearby Sapphire Residences

The excellent location of Sapphire Residences and the neighbouring ITC One hotel will make it an ideal option from which to explore the charms and wonders of the city of Colombo. The article below gives some information about a few of the prominent and popular historical places that you will find nearby.


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