Inspiring the future of urban architecture in Colombo

Colombo is currently in a state of transformation. Led by both global and local luxury real estate companies, the city is truly embracing a fusion of thoughts, ideas and architecture. With numerous high-rise properties standing side by side with bastions of old, Colombo is firmly rooting itself as the island’s symbol of architectural prowess.

Amidst this growing skyline, located on prime Galle face oceanfront, stands a landmark development comprising a uber luxury high-rise residential tower – ‘Sapphire Residences’ – and the super deluxe 5-star ITC hotel.

This magnificent development is a culmination of years of collaborative effort between a team of global and local experts. Using techniques such as highly specialized synchronized lifting systems, top-down assembly processes, technological innovations in the shoring process and more, this project has already pushed the limits of construction and engineering in Sri Lanka.

Among its many architectural marvels is the iconic Ahasa One Sky Bridge, the first-ever of its kind in South Asia. Connecting the hotel and residential towers c.100 metres in the air, the 50+ metre Sky Bridge hangs over the city as a benchmark of impeccable design and precise assembly and is set to be a distinctive landmark in the Colombo of tomorrow.

Among the ranks of the world-class team of developers, architects and designers behind the project is Dr. Surath Wickramasinghe. A renowned Architect, Urban Designer / Planner, Dr. Wickramasinghe and his team have been at the forefront of this project since its inception. With its comprehensive offering of advanced skills and multi-disciplinary services, it is one of the most innovative and integrated Design Practices in Sri Lanka, which celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2021. 

Dr. Wickramasinghe was a Past President of several Professional Associations and a Gold Medalist of SLIA. I and in 2019 he was conferred the title Desamanya (‘Pride of the Nation’) by the President of Sri Lanka. He has received numerous awards from local and international organizations for his contributions to the Professions and the Construction Industry.

Commenting on Sapphire Residences and the general standing of design in Colombo, Dr. Wickramasinghe said, “A project of this magnitude has never been attempted before. This development will be a distinctive landmark in the city of Colombo; a symbolic catalyst to convey the country’s economic resurgence and cultural growth to the world. I hope that it will inspire our own architects and designers to push the boundaries of creativity in transforming Colombo’s skyline.”

Sapphire Residences is currently open for private viewing of its new show apartments in four distinct styles by London based interior design firm YOO and the legendary Philippe Starck – Nature, Minimal, Classic and Culture.

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