A weekly guide to live music in Colombo City.

Live music in Colombo can be found in some form almost daily, from instrumentalists playing in hotel lobbies through the day, to a bar playing jazz music. However, a quick look at live music across the city reveals that a great majority of it falls into a weekly pattern – a sort of formula that gives the discerning music enthusiast an idea of when (and where) to find what they’re in the mood for. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve observed:

Wednesday – The groove begins.

musician plays guitar and sings in colombo

The city starts coming to life on Wednesday. Midweek drinks are generally a treat that most allow themselves, and the bars take their job as hosts very seriously. Setting the tone for a relaxed evening, many of these popular watering holes tend to showcase talented acoustic lounge musicians, who can help you to forget the week’s worries for a night.

Thursdays are active (or sometimes less so..).

moody drinks on a rooftop bar in colombo

There was a time a few years ago, when Thursdays were the new Fridays – the city was alive and the biggest bands played to large crowds at some of Colombo’s best bars. However, Thursdays have now taken a more flexible position, often hosting one-off gigs that swing between being either upbeat or slow-paced.

Friday and Saturday – bring on the fun!

cheerfull crowd dancing around in a bar colombo

Let’s just say that the music on these days reflect the general weekend vibe – loud, energetic and wild. Colombo’s nightlife really comes alive as the big bands take the stage, setting the energy for the weekend. At bars across Colombo, pop cover bands get crowds to dance their troubles away, while the more pub rock musicians have their merry following singing along to ageless anthems. On Friday and Saturday, Colombo joins the world in its weekend revelries.

Sundays are for winding down.

a singer sings in colombo club

Sundays in Colombo give you the opportunity to wind down, for example with relaxed acoustic brunches. In fact, for lovers of jazz, Sunday seems to hold the most options. While the musicians playing pop and rock during the week are generally younger, the jazz musicians on Sundays are veterans in the industry, effortlessly improvising to give you their take on popular songs, both new and old. With delicacies on your plate and a glass in your hand to enjoy, they set the perfect atmosphere to end your week.

The beauty of live music and the ambience it creates is enhanced by its location, and also by the people attending. With this in mind, ITC Hotels is developing a range of award-winning restaurants and bars to set the right mood for the people of Colombo. One such venue coming soon, the iconic Ahasa One Sky Bridge, will feature a Jazz Lounge Bar floating about a hundred metres in the air, overlooking the Galle Face oceanfront . These exclusive venues promise to merge great music with unparalleled views and an exceptional ambiance, creating unique experiences for Colombo’s residents. All we will need, is you.

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