Starck in Space

The race to launch hospitality in space has taken a bold leap forward, with plans announced to build the first commercial space station.

Taking Luxury Design to New Height

Led by former NASA chiefs and four retired astronauts, orbiting 250 miles above earth the Axiom space station will have cabins designed by Philippe Starck, the world-renowned designer of the Sapphire Residences on Galle Face oceanfront in Colombo.

Planning to launch in 2024, the Axiom space station is intended to become the first ever free-flying, globally available private space station. “Axiom was founded with the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human everywhere,” added Suffredini, “We often hear that this is a very bold statement. It is.”

interior of sapphire residence
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For the space hotel, Monsieur Starck will be thinking in terms of nest-like comfort as orbiters gaze at planet earth. Closer to home, before embarking on his odyssey to design celestial spaces, Starck designed the spectacular interiors of Sapphire Residences, for which he and his team at YOO, the world’s leading developers of luxury branded residences, drew inspiration from Sri Lanka’s island culture and serendipitous nature to create a place that has people at its heart. A Design Prize Lifetime Achievement award in 2019 consolidated his reputation as the world’s greatest living designer.

“Sapphire Residences is a stand-out project in the South Asian real estate luxury market. It is set to be a landmark in Colombo, not just architecturally, but one that will redefine uber-luxury vertical residential living in the Indian Ocean region,” comments Arun Pathak, MD of development company WelcomeHotels Lanka. “One might even say it will be out of this world.

Sapphire Residences Experience Centre, 21, Galle Face Centre Road, Colombo 1

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