Colombo – Sri Lanka’s City of Culinary Adventure

Blessed with an abundance of the freshest seafood, a technicolor treasure trove of tropical fruits and vegetables, and a bewildering array of spices that has attracted explorers and traders alike, Sri Lanka is becoming a renowned destination of choice for global gourmands. The nation’s capital – Colombo – in particular, has seen the rise of a new generation of chefs and restaurateurs, keen to make their mark, both globally and locally.

For those looking to go on a culinary adventure, the traveller is presented with two initial paths – the road to authenticity, or the one to contemporary fusion – both branching off down by-lanes, filled with their own boutiques of flavour.

Now authenticity comes in abundance. As intricate as the culturally significant structures built, are the dishes served to you, each holding an equal amount of reverence as the other.

A simple looking chicken curry could hold the flavours of tradition, and the aromas of bygone times. Age-old family recipes are now served at restaurants, though sometimes packaged otherwise. And from the variety of preparations of curries from across the island, in all their glorious colours, to the countless local preparations of rice, hoppers, kothu and so on, you are likely never to miss a chance to get your hands on a deliciously authentic meal.

However, with Colombo evolving to be the lifestyle hub of Sri Lanka, authenticity is not limited to the island’s exotic plates. Tastes from over the horizons have found a new home. From fine cuts of sashimi prepared by Japanese Chefs, to authentic aloo gobi from India, to steaks that would make the Texans proud, Colombo tastes more global than ever.

The second road is more cosmopolitan. By mixing ideas from around the world with a deep love and desire to experiment, comes a blend of a new generation of flavours. Fusion is the zeitgeist. Creativity is the key. Many a café and restaurant you will find, offering you combinations unheard of: Waffles with Pol Sambol (Coconut Sambol) and Cheese, Vegan Miso Scrambled Tofu, or Passion Fruit and Chilli Ice Cream – just to name a few.

Over the years, ITC Hotels has earned a reputation for culinary excellence thanks to their authentic delicacies and highly-prized signature dining experiences. Now this insatiable yearning for different culinary experiences provides an excellent opportunity for the company to introduce Sri Lanka to its own take on global cuisine. 

With the iconic Sapphire Residences and ITC Hotel development set to launch soon, Colombo will play host to a set of new, uniquely diverse culinary brands – authentic, contemporary, and award-winning – all situated at the city’s bustling heart on Galle Face. ITC Hotel’s team of global chefs – masters of their crafts – is excited to introduce more gastronomic delights to Colombo’s ever-expanding culinary map.

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