Historic Places nearby Sapphire Residences
The excellent location of Sapphire Residences and the neighbouring ITC One hotel will make it an ideal option from which to explore the charms and wonders of the city of Colombo. The article below gives some information about a few of the prominent and popular historical places that you will find nearby.

1. Old Parliament Building

old parliament building colombo fort

The majestic Old Parliament Building is a place that effortlessly exudes the charm and glory of the bygone era.This building is quite easy to spot as you drive down the Galle Road towards Galle Face. The regal fa├žade of the building makes it quite appealing for sure.

The Old Parliament Building houses the Presidential Secretariat in the present day. Of course, back in the day it housed the Parliament of Sri Lanka too. This is a magnificent New-Baroque- style building which was designed by Austin Woodeson. The building was opened on the 29th of January 1930.

2. Red Mosque

red mosque colombo, Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque

The Red Mosque, which is also known as Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is a charming attraction as well as an important place of worship. It is commonly known as Rathu Palliya in Sinhalese.

The construction of this iconic building commenced back in the year 1908. It was completed in a year! The chief architect of the mosque was Habibu Labbe Saibu Labbe who was not a qualified architect.

The remarkable red and white patterns which form the exterior as well as the interior of the building makes it quite hard to miss. It stands tall and proud, in stark contrast to the myriad of plain sky scrapers which have started adorning the skyline of Colombo.

3. Town Hall

town hall building colombo

The famous Town Hall is yet another building that you should not miss when travelling around in the city of Colombo. It serves as the headquarters of Colombo Municipal Council.

The foundation stone for the town hall was laid back in the year 1924, by the then Mayor of Colombo. The construction of the building commenced and in four years it saw completion. The design resembles the neoclassical style Capitol Building in Washington DC.

4. Independence Memorial Hall

independent memorial hall colombo

The beauty of the Independence Memorial Hall will truly take your very breath away. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital city of Colombo. Due to its centralized location it can be quite easily accessed from many parts of the city too.

This is a renowned national monument in Sri Lanka which was built to commemorate the independence won from the British regime, on the 4th of February 1948. The monument is built on the spot where the formal ceremony which initiated the self-rule in Ceylon, took place. The iconic building was designed by 8 famous architects.

5. Old Colombo Dutch Hospital

colombo dutch hospital shopping complex

The Old Colombo Dutch Hospital is a charming attraction that well deserves a visit. The expansive spaces of this building are truly beautiful to behold.Time indeed seems to stand still in this mesmerizing place and you will be instantly transported to the colonial era the moment you step in to this place.

The Dutch Hospital as the name suggests, was used as a hospital when the Dutch were ruling this part of the country. Today it has been converted in to a stylish shopping and dining venue. The glitzy city of Colombo has grown all around it, but the Old Colombo Dutch Hospital has somehow retained its old world charm beautifully. Since there are a number of leading restaurants and pubs here you will be able to enjoy your visit to the place immensely.

Hope the information above will help you to make your tour in the glorious city of Colombo a lot more special and interesting!

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