Smart homes for smarter living

A smart home helps you live smarter by making your life safer and more convenient. With smart home technology, you can control your living environment at the touch of a button, save energy, and enhance your home’s security systems.


In a smart home, you can control all your connected appliances from one device, such as your phone or tablet. At Colombo’s premier residential address, Sapphire Residences, residents can adjust their lighting, play music in selected rooms, and turn up the A/C, using their iPad or through voice commands.

Smart device technology is developing rapidly. For example, you can automate mundane, everyday tasks, such as ordering groceries. Your smart fridge can detect when you’ve run out of milk and order more automatically. There are even appliances that monitor your health, such as sleep monitoring systems and air quality systems. Staying home and staying safe has never been easier!


By leveraging technology to optimize energy efficiency, smart homes also help you save energy. Smart thermostats, for example, automate the heating and cooling of your home, quickly and more precisely, thereby reducing energy usage up to 20%. You can also switch off smart lights and other appliances remotely, cutting down your consumption and avoiding the frustration of having to return home to do it manually.

Smart thermostats can help you reduce energy usage by up to 20%, using advanced technologies such as A.I. and machine learning


Forgetting to switch off an iron can be more than a source of frustration, however; it can be a fire hazard. A smart iron or other appliance can be turned off from wherever you are, giving you enhanced peace-of-mind. Knowing that your home is safe and secure is paramount for all homeowners. Smart security and safety systems can give you that assurance.

A smart doorbell on your front door allows you to see and communicate with visitors to your home, even when you’re not there. Smart locks can also keep track of everyone who has entered and exited your home, and even give you the power to control access remotely.

Every Sky Mansion at Colombo’s premier residential address is loaded with a smart doorbell and lock, letting residents know who’s knocking at their front door, even if they’re not at home.

At Sapphire Residences, every Sky Mansion is fitted with a smart doorbell, enabling residents to see exactly who’s at their front door, wherever they happen to be. This high-tech luxury development is also protected by a comprehensive but discreet 24/7 surveillance system.

With the ‘new normal’ impacting our lifestyles, living in a smart home has never been more attractive. From securing your home to making it a more convenient space, it’s clear that smart home technology is here to stay.

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