The Evolution of Luxe Living: Part 2

As the luxury living trend continues to evolve, many real estate experts consider that it now incorporates living space, personal wellbeing and the environment – all of which have been significantly impacted by Covid-19, and which have hastened the shift in consumer awareness and focus onto these aspects.


A new generation of super-sized apartments is challenging traditional thinking that condominium living means compromising on space and comfort. These spacious homes appeal to wealthy clients that value the convenience and security of spacious, lateral living, with the added benefits of an in-house concierge, housekeeping services, and access to a wide range of world-class amenities. Above all, larger living areas enable an entire family – even with staff – to co-exist comfortably and harmoniously, with individual space and privacy counterbalanced by easy access to uncrowded private leisure facilities.

Colombo’s Sapphire Residences exemplifies this trend, offering some of the largest apartments in South Asia. “This is why we created the concept of Sky Mansions,” explains Arun Pathak, Managing Director of WelcomHotels Lanka Pvt. Ltd. “These vast apartments, which average over 5,500 square feet of living area, are designed to allow families to live in unrestricted comfort and enjoy a space comparable to a large house or villa, but without the added challenges of managing services and security in a stand-alone home.”

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Global Wellness Institute reports that the global wellness market is now worth a staggering $4.5 trillion, and still growing. In terms of real estate, we observe wellness design strongly influencing the development of hotels and residences. “It seems inevitable that wellness residences will soon take off into orbit as design innovation becomes a key differentiator in an increasingly congested luxury residential market,” comments luxury real estate expert Muriel Muirden, who believes that wellness design should focus on making the occupants of a building happier and healthier. “Sensory management is crucial,” she adds.

In Colombo, post-Easter bombings and post-Covid, inevitably wellbeing must extend to personal security and hygiene, providing total peace of mind to residents. At Sapphire Residences, these are provided by state-of-the-art 24/7 security systems designed by Control Risks, together with over 40,000 sq ft of incredible private leisure and social amenities for the exclusive use of residents.

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Luxe lovers are increasingly conscious of their environmental and ecological footprint and responsible consumption. ITC‘s hotel group has been at the forefront as a global pioneer in sustainable luxury with its core ethos based on ‘Responsible Luxury’ which is an important differentiator in the high-end market. To underpin these credentials, it is not surprising that, far exceeding compliance to standard industry regulations, Sapphire Residences has already achieved the LEED BD+C (Core and Shell Development) pre-certification rating at the highest Platinum level, making these the ‘greenest’ luxury residences in Colombo, which further underpins its position as home to Colombo’s finest apartments.

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“We designed Sapphire Residences to be the ultimate luxury real estate investment in South Asia,” explains Arun Pathak. “True connoisseurs of luxury will not fail to appreciate the sheer opulence and the amazing lifestyle that comes with these magnificent homes. We call this ‘The Splendour of Gracious Living’.” Indeed, the enormous apartments (uniquely termed ‘Sky Mansions’ due to their size) and leisure facilities will set new standards in South Asia. “All aspects have been carefully designed to appeal to an elite group of like-minded individuals who enjoy the finest things in life,” he adds.

Undisputedly, a Sapphire Residence has the added prestige and kudos of owning a trophy home in one of South Asia’s landmark developments. This magnificent Galle Face development will be home to a small number of privileged individuals who have ascended the pinnacles of success and personal achievement, and who will value the stylish lifestyle in Colombo’s most luxurious and secure homes.

Sapphire Residences Experience Centre, 21, Galle Face Centre Road, Colombo 1

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