How interior design can redefine your lifestyle

For most of us, being confined in our own homes has changed the way we use them; reception areas have become home offices, guest rooms have turned into gyms, and rooms we rarely used have found new purpose. Every home has changed in its own way, along with our lifestyles.

That’s why we need interior design now more than ever, to not just change how our homes look, but to change the way we live. Design can make spaces feel bigger, brighter, livelier and more seamless. In your home, every design choice can say a lot about your personal style, and every little detail can make a bold statement about who you are.

Whether it’s a toothbrush, an airplane or a chair, it’s always the same philosophy: to think about what the user will gain.

For Philippe Starck, the visionary French designer, details are everything. Over a legendary four-decade career, he’s designed everything from homeware and furniture to mega yachts and space stations, and his influence can be found everywhere in our contemporary design landscape. Throughout a career spanning over 10,000 creations, his philosophy has been consistent: design must always improve the life of the user. As Starck notes, “Whether it’s a toothbrush, an airplane or a chair, it’s always the same philosophy: to think about what the user will gain.”

This guiding principle is what led Starck to team up with London-based developer, John Hitchcox, to create YOO Inspired by Starck, a global design powerhouse that channels his revolutionary approach into residential and hotel design. “YOO is a very unique concept in the world. It allows our cultural tribe to be helped with competence, honesty and tenderness at a very crucial moment of their life; the purchase of their apartment,” Starck affirmed.

With an impressive reputation for designing the world’s most iconic hospitality spaces and branded residences, YOO Inspired by Starck is bringing this vision to life at Sapphire Residences, a luxury residential tower in the heart of Colombo which envisions a new kind of vertical lifestyle for the privileged few. The resulting collection of 132 luxury residences boasts expansive living areas and panoramic views, and comes in four distinctive interior styles, designed to suit the lifestyles of the modern sophisticate:

1. Nature

reception nature

Nature – Utilizing organic, curvaceous shapes – a signature of Starck’s repertoire – this style distills the purity and tranquility of a natural habitat into a calm, contemplative living space.

2. Minimal

reception minimal

Minimal – Demonstrating a masterful command of space and geometry, this elegant living space uses sleek textures, monochromatic hues, and the beauty of simplicity to enable a mindful, purposeful lifestyle.

3. Classic

reception classic

Classic – Theatrical and exuberant, this style establishes a dialogue between the past and the present with rich hardwood surfaces and timeless furnishings, creating a living space that’s always a source of inspiration.

4. Culture

reception culture

Culture – Tastefully opulent and exquisite, this style embodies the essence of modern refinement with rich, contrasting palettes and an avant-garde artistic touch, showcasing a taste for the finer things in life.

Your lifestyle begins with your home – that’s why a new home can change your life. Interior design can make a space greater than the sum of its parts and, by extension, elevate the way you live. With the distinctive interior styles at Sapphire Residences, a lifestyle like no other awaits. All that’s left is to make it your own.

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