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Galle Face Kite Festival

The magnificent city truly boasts of a myriad of enchanting appeals and attractions. There are plenty of places to visit here so your travel experience in the city will never be dull. Incredible restaurants, luxury hotels as well as magnificent colonial attractions are all here for you to discover. Galle Face has so much to offer, from the best sea view apartments in Sri Lanka with luxury amenities and services to humble kite festivals.

The beautiful Galle Face Green, which sprawls alluringly at the heart of the city as a haven of rest, is one of the most popular places in Colombo. Rich and the poor, young and the old gather in its lush territories to indulge in some good fun, especially as the sun begins to set, quenching the heat of the tropical day. The place has quite a number of street food stalls lining its borders so you can easily tantalize your taste buds as you relax and unwind. The salty isso wades and kottu rotis pairs exceedingly well with the salty breeze that ceaselessly blows!

The skies that stretch above Galle Face Green are beautified to perfection during the magnificent Kite Festival which takes place in the month of August every year. This is one of the best places to visit during this period, if you are fond of flying kites. If you have little ones you should certainly visit Galle Face in time for the Kite Festival.

The festival brings together talented kite makers from many different parts of the country. There are kites of different shades, shapes and sizes being flows in the skies during this event. Of course, you will get the chance to capture some sensational shots as you take part in the event! There are prizes given to various categories of kites. The biggest kite, the most unique kite as well as kites made of extraordinary resources are all celebrates and appreciated. All the kites which are flown during the festival are handmade so you can really look forward to being surprised!

You will be able to witness the charm of this incredible event as you stay at Sapphire Residences. The magnificent vistas of the Galle Face Green and the Indian Ocean which spread alluringly in the presence of Sapphire Residences will enthral you ceaselessly especially during the colourful days of the Kite Festival.

Sapphire Residences offers the best sea view apartments in Sri Lanka to witness the charming attractions of Galle Face.

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