Over the past few years, demand for lateral living has gained popularity in Western countries. The single floor, spacious living allows free movement between rooms which is beneficial to maintain a healthy state of mind, and the trend is believed to have been inspired by the interior designs of Asian and European heritages.

In Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, the lack of space in older apartment designs may have impacted the lack of interest in apartments in the past. But with the rise of luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, the dilemma for many locals has gone away. For example, luxury apartments in Colombo now offer ample spaces that encourage residents to enjoy uninterrupted pleasures of solitude. Apartments such as Sapphire Residences also offer panoramic views, with high floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the lateral living experience. Additionally, the wide range of amenities on offer cater to all kinds of tastes and interests to provide the finest living experience.

Luxury apartments offering lateral living are also ideal for senior professionals looking to retire in a peaceful environment. Not least, the convenience of having no stairs to climb! The spacious areas in the Sky Mansions make the perfect place to catch up with old friends, with the setting sun as the backdrop. And, as a mature professional enjoying the golden years of life, the ability to engage in some banter now and then is vital to upkeep a wholesome state of mind!

To conclude, the benefits of lateral living transcend expectations of living standards at luxury apartments in Colombo, Sri Lanka – enormous spaces with luxury finishes and fittings, designed to embrace 21st century lateral living.



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